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10 reasons why the technical provision of "turnkey" events is more profitable to entrust the Art Show Center, than to attract various contractors for each stage of the work.

Technical equipment is one of the key factors for the success of the event. Art Show Center works with the best contractors - recognized leaders in the field of light, sound, polygraphy, decorations and design. Our partners are part of a single team, verified by implemented projects, organized events and decorated events.

  1. We unite the creative and technical components of the process of organizing events into a unified mechanism.
  2. We save money for our customers by offering them exclusive terms and comprehensive service for the event.
  3. We have been cooperating with the best tested domestic and foreign suppliers of equipment, light and sound for many years.
  4. We will offer a range of services for visualizing your ideas and translating them into realized projects through scenery, scenography, and printing.
  5. We can offer our clients the creation of creative non-standard flawless from the technical and aesthetic aspects of projects, thought out and detailed to 100%.
  6. We carry out a closed cycle of works on the profitable conditions: from the modeling process to the moment of its implementation using the equipment of leading manufacturers, accompanied by qualified technical management.
  7. We attract only proven personnel in terms of their experience, qualifications and the availability of firm certificates.
  8. The entire technical process is systematized and is under constant monitoring by the OTK. Safety of work is the area of responsibility of our professionals.
  9. We offer complex support and technical equipment of events with light and sound equipment on the terms of hire from the best manufacturers. The rental of professional equipment has advantages over the purchase:
    • There is no question of storage and profitability of operation of expensive equipment in case of one-time use;
    • the ability to order different novelties and the latest developments in the field of technical equipment every time;
    • transportation, installation and professional adjustment;
    • Rent will be much cheaper than buying into a property.
  10. We exempt our clients from the need to independently search for contractors, conduct document management, design and design, and monitor their execution.

Art Show Center is a complex approach to any project, carrying out logistics, management, necessary approvals with the site, and is fully responsible for the work performed.

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